3 day
dental treatment

Sky Dental Clinic has everything you need to solve your dental problem within 3 days. The fast and well-planned work of our dedicated team of professionals, as well as the availability of X-ray diagnostics and dental laboratory will pave the way to a healthy and beautiful smile via easy and comfortable experience. The clinic is equipped with high-tech proven equipment, which is a guarantee of safe, minimally invasive, painless treatment and optimal results.

Inlay Fillings

The main factors for the correct placement of dental fillings are:

  • High quality material;

  • The use of rubber dam;

White fillings in Sky Dental Clinic are made of one of the highest quality materials (composite) on the market, which restores function and aesthetics, and has a prophylactic effect in terms of preserving the integrity of the teeth. Each filling is made without cotton rolls but with rubber dam - a rubber sheet that provides the necessary dryness (which is a key element for bonding and durability of the seal between filling and tooth), sterility and clarity of the operating field, while the patient swallows calmly under the rubber sheet.

The combination of rubber dam isolation and filling with the highest grade composite is the golden standard in the United States, Europe and Japan has proven to be effective in the long run. Add to the above-mentioned the skills of the dentist - these are the three precursors to have a great and durable filling. Only in this way the filling lasts for many years and the patient can eat without food entering between teeth and flossing them without fear that the filling will come off.

Laboratory Laboratory

We have a contemporary equipped dental laboratory that meets the highest standards in the field of dental technology and craftsmanship. We specialize in digital dentistry and use the latest dental equipment and tools. Thanks to the highly qualified team of specialists we create products with exceptional strength and quality. The dedication, our many years of experience, as well as the continuous training of our ceramists and technicians allow us to ensure flawless results and maximum precision in the production of highly aesthetic solutions.

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