Healthy teeth

We, at Sky Dental Clinic, believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile!

To provide the highest level of treatment, we have created a special dental program "Healthy teeth forever", which guarantees you a flawless smile for the next 10 years. At the heart of the program lies the belief that solving dental problems must happen at the earliest possible stage. The program includes the elimination of all existing problems and the preparation of an individual dental care plan, schedule and reminder for visits, as well as tips for better dental care. All this guarantees excellent dental health in the long run.

Prophylaxis Prophylaxis

According to statistics, 70% of Bulgarians suffer from gingivitis and/or periodontitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation and bleeding of the gums, and periodontitis is an inflammation of the bone and gums, accompanied by bleeding, bad breath, gums receding from the teeth and their subsequent shaking and falling. Teeth and gums are a system that is interconnected and when problems occur in one element, the other is inevitably affected. Dental prophylaxis includes:

  • Examination and cleaning of teeth;

  • Examination and cleaning of the gums.

Dental prophylaxis itself serves to diagnose the presence of caries, chippings or cracks and other types of dental defects. Cleaning plaque and tartar (dental stone) is of paramount importance for gum health and prevention. Healthy gums guarantee fresh breath, healthy and clean teeth and above all - beautiful smile.

Warranty Warranty

We take on responsibility for your healthy gums and teeth.

  1. Five years warranty - after the completion of a treatment plan (completed at Sky dental clinic) we are proud to give a 5 year warranty for our work, provided that you come in for a check up and dental cleaning every 4 to 6 months. Only thus do we have the opportunity to ensure you receive quality maintenance and early detection of gum or dental problems. If you have a problem then we will take care of it free of charge within the first 5 years.

  2. Prevention program - when joining our prophylaxis program "Healthy teeth forever" we prepare an individual prophy program, which guarantees that your dental maintenance will not cost more than 150 leva per year, outside of the subscription for cleaning. For this purpose, you will need to visit us every 4 or 6 months for dental cleaning and our doctors can perform an examination, diagnosis and early treatment if necessary. The subscription price for dental cleaning is 300 leva per year. Should you need further dental work (such as fillings, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays) it will not cost you more than 150 leva as part of our program and commitment.

Warranty conditions Warranty conditions

  1. Warranty applies to crowns on teeth and implants, bridges, veneers, ceramic inlays and fillings made by the team of Sky Dental Clinic, for which you have a receipt or invoice and a periodontal card from the university of Bern, charted by our team. The warranty is null and void if you are notified by call and/or SMS and miss a dental cleaning appointment, which is key to healthy teeth and gums.

  2. Warranty is valid only after a thorough dental examination, periodontal map and panoramic x-ray (if necessary, another X-ray examination may be requested).

  • When problematic teeth are identified, a treatment plan and periodontal card are prepared. Following its implementation, the above condition in point 1. applies.

  • If we find healthy dentition or treatment carried out in another clinic, which does not require retreatment, then we guarantee (as part of this contract) that you will not have to pay more than 150 leva yearly for dental treatment outside of your membership fee. All this is valid only after paying a subscription fee of 300 leva and regular cleaning on 4 to 6 months intervals during the year and provided that no extraordinary circumstances occur. We do not cover and guarantee work done by other dentists or clinics, this their responsibility, our duty is maintenance and early prevention.

  • Extraordinary circumstances - these are conditions under which we do not guarantee the dental work and or health of the dentition. One such aspect is dental work done by other dentists and clinics along with inadvertently or intentionally falling and breaking teeth or jaws, external impact causing damage to jaws, teeth and gums, patients deliberately or unintentionally causing damage to teeth, crowns, bridges, implants and gums.

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